5783 Rabbi Brand

Sunday Morning Shiur

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September 10th
“The Pinnacle of Shabbos: Shalosh Seudos”

October 23rd
“Interiority & the Role of Makom on Shabbos”

November 13th
“Shalom Aleichem”

December 11th
“שבת שבתון: What Yom Kippur Teaches Us About Shabbos”

February 12th
“Grama: Toward Definition in Halachic Complexity”

March 5th
“Havdalah Essentials”

April 23rd
“Shabbos and Yerushalayim”

September 18th
“Defining Melacha”

October 30th
“Shabbat: Objective or Subjective Cessation of Work”

November 20th
“A Key Shabbos Halachic Principle: Davar Sheaino Miskaven & Psik Reisha”

December 18th
“Shabbos Lights and Chanuka Lights”

February 19th
“Cooking on Shabbos: Spiritual Meaning and Practical Guidance”

March 19th
“Shabbos and Shemittah”

October 2nd
“The Kedusha of Time”

November 6th
“Pikuach Nefesh and Shabbos”

December 4th
“The Shabbos Nap”

January 8th
“Shabbos Stories”

January 29th
“Mileches Machsheves”

February 26th
“The Fundamentals of Muktzah”

March 26th
“Kiddush: Its Meaning and Model”