Chicago Institute of Women’s Learning

NILI, the Chicago Institute of Women’s Learning, is a community of learning offering engaging, challenging and inspirational Torah-based classes and programs tailored to the specific needs and interests of women.

About Us

Using the resources of the Yeshiva University Torah Mitzion Kollel and of local and visiting scholars, NILI provides women of all ages and backgrounds in the greater Chicagoland area a unique array of learning opportunities and the ability to connect with others on their journeys in Torah. The diverse Torah offerings of NILI will enable women to develop and enhance their Jewish lives, celebrating a commitment to halacha and tradition that includes an appreciation of general society and religious significance of the State of Israel.

Current NILI Programs

Upcoming Programs

Weekly Programs for 5784 coming soon…

Meet the NILI Leadership

Mrs. Emma Katz

NILI Director

NILI Advisory Council

NILI Chairs

  • Jennie Rothner
  • Rachel Silverman

NILI Advisory Council

  • Jennie Berkovitch
  • Tami Drapkin
  • Jodi Gershman
  • Lisa Glass
  • Gina Gottesman
  • Michelle Hasten
  • Elana Lipman
  • Cheryl Leon
  • Yaffi Lotterstein 
  • Wendy Margolin
  • Faye Meyers
  • Tami Miller
  • Sima Neiger
  • Avigayil Scher
  • ​​​​​​​Miki Schreiber
  • Rebecca Schwartz
  • Tamar Shames
  • Erica Simon
  • Julie Thomas
  • Jessica Weiss 
  • Rebecca Zucker

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