Chassidus on the Parsha with Mrs. Emma Katz

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Parshat Noach
“Parshat Noach- The Symbolism of the Teiva”

Parshat Vayeira
“Parshat Vayeria: Olam Chesed Yibaneh”

Parshat Toldot
“Toldot- Two Nations, One Eternal Struggle”

Parshat Vayeshev
“Vayeshev- The Key to Yosef’s Success”

Parshat Vayigash
“I Will Be With You- Hashem’s Message to Yaakov and to Us”

Parshat Shemot
“Shemot: Stars in the Darkness”

Parshat Bo
“Bo: Hardening Paroah’s Heart: For Good or For Bad?”

Parshat Mishpatim
“Mitzvot: The Power is in Our Hands”

Parshat Tetzaveh
“Spreading the Jewish Light”

Parshat Vayikra
“Vayikra: A New Chapter in Our Avodat Hashem”

Parshat Shemini
“The Ultimate Pleasure in Avodat Hashem”

Parshat Behar
“Behar and Sefirat HaOmer: It’s All For Hashem”

Parshat Bamidbar
“Bamidbar: Balance and Becoming a Tzaddik”

Parshat Lech Lecha
“Lech Lecha: To The Land That I Will Show You”

Parshat Chayei Sara
“Chayei Sara- Were All of Sara’s Days Really Good?”

Parshat Vayishlach
“Parshat Vayishlach- Why Did Yaakov Fear Essay?”

Parshat Miketz
“Miketz and Chanukah: The End to the Darkness”

Parshat Vayechi
“Yaakov’s Final Lesson: Together We Will Make It To The End”

Parshat Va’era
“Va’era: Meriting Eretz Yisrael”

Parshat Yitro
“Amalek, Yitro, and Matan Torah: Pieces in Perfecting the World”

Parshat Terumah
“What Can We Really Give to Hashem?”

Parshat Ki Tisa
“The Gift of Giving”

Parshat Tzav
“Parshat Parah: Enabling Us to Know What We Don’t Know”

Parshat Kedoshim
“Nothingness, Humility, and Holiness”

Parshat Bechukotai
“Bechukotai: Mitzvos, Rewards, and Rebuke”