NILI Yarchei Kallah 5784

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Keynote Speaker: Rabbi Reuven Brand

“Reflections on the Nova festival”

Mrs. Neti Penstein

“Whispered Words: Understanding Barukh Shem Kavod Malchuso”

Rabbi Yehoshua Karsh

“How To Visit the Quiet Happiness Inside of Yourself and Share it with Others”

Keynote Speaker: Rabbi Elie Mischel

“Jews and Christians: Communicating across the divide”

Keynote Speaker: Mrs. Emma Katz

“How Hashem Speaks to Us”

Rabbi Reuven Brand

“Halachic Communication Through the Ages”

Keynote Speaker: Mrs. Tzivi Zuckerman

“Connection or Control? A Relationship Map from Tanach, for Our Lives”

Rabbi Mayer Simcha Stromer

“The Fine Line Between Venting and Lashon Hara”

Ms. Devora Silberstein

“The Paradox of Prayer: Lessons from Tefilat Chana”