5784 Rabbi Brand

Sunday Morning Shiur

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October 15th
“Creation and Mishkan: The Shabbos Aspiration”

October 29th
“How We Accept Shabbos”

November 12th
“Shabbos Clothing: The Deeper Meaning”

December 3rd
“Reflections on A Chizuk Mission to Israel”

December 17th
“Salad Making on Shabbos: Borer (part 1)”

December 31st
“Salad Making on Shabbos: Tochein (part 2)”

January 21st
“Shabbos Speech”

February 11th
“Creating Space for Spirituality to Emerge in Life”

March 3rd
“מלאכת מחשבת: מלאכת שבת”

April 7th
“The Special Mitzvah of Torah Learning on Shabbos”

May 12th
“Women Drinking from Havdalah Wine”

June 2nd
“Smart watches on Shabbos”

June 16th
“Bishul: Making Tea and Coffee on Shabbos”

October 22nd
“Adding to Our Holiness of Shabbos”

November 5th
“Kabalas Shabbos”

November 19th
“Shabbos clothes: The Halachic Principles”

December 10th
“Spiritual Vision: A Case Study in Our Relationship with “Greek Wisdom”

December 24th
“Shabbat: Is It Just for Jews?”

January 7th
“Salad Making on Shabbos: Dash (part 3)”

February 4th
“Kiddush Shalosh Seudos”

February 25th
“The Public Aspect of Shabbos”

March 10th
“מלאכת כותב”

May 5th
“All Your Work Is Done: יומא דנשמתא”

May 19th
“One Pasuk, Three Frames: לא תבערו אש”

June 9th
“Menucha of Shabbos”

June 23rd
“Shabbos and Chassidus”