Sunday Morning Chabura on Exploring Bayam Darkecha

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October 23rd
“אהבת ישראל: An introduction”

November 13th
“Bitachon: The Deveykut that Fosters Ahavat Yisrael”

December 18th
“Jewish Unity”

February 12th
“The Role of Shevach (praise) in Our Tefillah”

March 5th
“Climbing the Ladder of Our Spiritual Development”

October 30th
“Seeing the Inside of Every Jew”

November 20th
“Loving Non-observant Jews”

January 8th
“New Ways of Thinking about Ups and Downs in Our Spiritual Lives: An Intro to Tefillah”

February 19th
“Asking Hashem in Tefillah as a Means of Drawing Closer to Hashem”

March 19th
“Climbing Four Steps to Hashem in Tefillah”

November 6th
“Eyes that See the Inside”

December 4th
“Loving Jews Different From Us”

January 29th
“Our Goal in Tefillah”

February 26th
“Our Growth Mindset in Spiritual Life”