5781 Torah & Government Shiur

October 19th

“Torah & Government: Dina Di-Malchusa Dina 1”

October 26th

“Torah & Government: Dina Di-Malchusa Dina 2”

November 2nd

“Torah & Government: Dina Di-Malchuta Dina 2 (Civil Law vs. Choshen Mishpat”

November 9th

“Torah & Government: The Prohibition Against Gentile Courts”

November 16th

“Torah & Government: Israeli Courts P1 (ערכאות שבסוריא)”

November 30th

“Torah & Government: Israeli Courts P2 (Practical Applications)”

December 21st

“Torah Law and Government: Real and Ideal”

December 28th

“Sanhedrin: Above the People or From the People”

January 4th

“Mishpat HaMelech: Royal Rights and Royal Limits

January 11th

“Who Needs a King? Alternatives to Monarchy”