Hilchot Shabbat: Hilchot Muktzah

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October 16th
NILI Hilchos Muktzah (1) – Intro to Hilchos Muktzah

November 6th
“NILI Hilchos Muktzah (4) – Guns, Lights, and More”

November 27th
“Chanukah: It Doesn’t Matter If We Don’t Understand”

October 23rd
“NILI Hilchos Muktzah (2) – Muktzah Machmas Chesron Kis: Paintings, Sheitils, and More”

November 13th
“NILI Hilchos Muktzah (5) – Candles and Flashlights”

October 30th
“NILI Hilchos Muktzah (3) – Kli Sh’Melachto L’Issur: Scissors, Phones, Fans, and More”

November 20th
“Chanukah: A Time to Focus on The Things People Don’t See”