NILI Yarchei Kallah

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Keynote Speaker:
Mrs. Shira Hochheimer

“Building a Personal Toolbox for Effective Relationships”

Mrs. Tamar Shames
“Torah and Tantrums: Parenting Principles Guided by our Mesorah”

Rabbi Yakov Danishefsky
“The Meaning of Marriage, with a Spouse and with Hashem”

Keynote Speaker: Mrs. Emma Katz
“You’ve Got a Friend in Me: Friendship in Torah Thought”

Conversation with Mrs. Martha Meyers, Women’s Health NP & Mrs. Tami Drapkin, Kallah Teacher
“Top 5 Lifecycle Events and Their Impact in Medicine and Halacha”

Mrs. Beth Perkel
“Approaching Different Relationships as an Eved Hashem: How to Manage, Diffuse and Transform”

Keynote Speaker: Mrs. Rachel Zimmerman
“Building Emunah and our Relationship with G-d During Challenging Times as Parents”

Mrs. Olivia Friedman
“Catfight or Cooperation: Female Relationships in Tanakh”

Rabbi Zvi Engel
“A Long Distance Relationship with Eretz Yisrael”