Halicha: An In-Depth Halacha Program for Women

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November 30th
“Hilchot Kibbud Av V’Aim: Honoring Through Actions, Speech, and Thought”

January 4th
“Hilchot Kibbud Av V’Aim: Revering Ones Parents”

February 1st
“Hilchot Kibbud Av V’Aim: When Your Parent Asks You to Violate a Prohibition”

March 1st
“Hilchot Kibbud Av V’Aim: Honoring Other Relatives”

April 19th
“Why Women Should Learn Hilchot Talmud Torah”

May 17th
“Hilchot Talmud Torah: What Subjects Should You Focus On?”

June 14th
“Hilchot Talmud Torah: The Yissachar- Zevulun Relationship”

November 8th
“Hilchot Basar B’Chalav: Eating Dairy After Meat- The Basics”

December 6th
“Hilchot Basar B’Chalav: Waiting After Dairy Before Meat”

January 10th
“Hilchot Basar B’Chalav: Leftover Bread and Separate Tablecloths”

February 7th
“Hilchot Basar B’Chalav: Noten Ta’am Lifgam and Utensils that are Eino ben Yomo”

March 6th
“Hilchot Basar b’Chalav: Nat Bar Nat”

March 27th
“Hilchot Pesach: Shloshim Yom Kodem Hachag and the Reason for Bedikat Chametz”

May 15th
“Hilchot Kashrut: Liver”

December 21st
“Hilchot Kibbud Av V’Aim: Honoring One’s Parents Where No Direct Benefit is Received”

January 11th
“Hilchot Kibbud Av V’Aim: Honoring One’s Parents After Their Death”

February 8th
“Hilchot Kibbud Av V’aim: A Child Who Sees a Parent Violate a Prohibition”

March 22nd
“Hilchot Pesach: Kadesh”

May 3rd
“Hilchot Talmud Torah: The Amount of Torah Study Necessary to Fulfill the Mitzvah”

May 31st
“Hilchot Talmud Torah: Studying Halacha, and What Should Working Individuals Learn in Modern Times?”

June 21st
“Hilchot Talmud Torah: Women and Talmud Torah”

November 22nd
“Hilchot Basar B’Chalav: The Reason for Waiting Between Meat and Milk”

December 20th
“Hilchot Basar B’Chalav: Separating Meat and Dairy Foods”

January 17th
“Separate Utensils in the Kitchen”

February 14th
“Hilchot Basar B’Chalav: Glass Dishes”

March 13th
“Hilchot Basar B’Chalav: Davar Charif- Part 1”

April 3rd
“Hilchot Pesach: The Time for Bedikat Chametz”

May 29th
“Hilchot Kashrut: Introduction to the Prohibition to Eat Blood”

December 28th
“Hilchot Kibbud Av V’Aim: Standing for One’s Parents”

January 25th
“Hilchot Kibbud Av V’Aim: Which Parent Takes Precedence?”

February 15th
“Hilchot Kibbud Av V’aim: Parents Respecting Their Child”

March 29th
“Hilchot Pesach: Motzee-Matzah”

May 10th
“Hilchot Talmud Torah: What Is The Purpose of Learning Torah?”

June 7th
“Hilchot Talmud Torah: Receiving Compensation for Torah Study”

October 18th
“Why Learn Basar B’Chalav During the War in Israel?”

October 25th
“Basar B’Chalav- Introduction”

November 29th
“”Hilchot Basar B’Chalav: Do Children Have to Wait Between Meat and Milk?””

January 3rd
“Hilchot Basar B’Chalav: Dairy Bread”

January 31st
“Hilchot Basar B’Chalav: Ta’am K’Ikar”

February 21st
“Hilchot Basar B’Chalav: Sinks and Countertops”

March 20th
“Hilchot Basar B’Chalav- Davar Charif- Part 2”

May 8th
“Hilchot Kashrut: Glatt vs. Non-Glatt Meat”

July 17th
“Hilchot Kashrut: Blood Spots in Eggs”