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chicago institute of women's learning
midwest center for jewish learning

Rabbi Yossi Katz

Rabbi Yossi Katz grew up in Passaic, NJ where he attended The Mesivta of Clifton. After high school he spent three years in Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavnah (KBY) and, upon returning to America, he continued his studies at Yeshiva University.  While attending Semicha at REITS, Yossi was a Shaul u'Meshiv for Rabbi Yehuda Willig’s and Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank’s Shiurim. In his spare time Yossi is a dedicated cyclist and an avid reader of history. Yossi, his wife Emma, NILI Community Scholar, and their son, Zevi, just moved to Skokie and are excited to join the greater Kollel family.

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Wed, September 22 2021 16 Tishrei 5782