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Listen to all of the speakers from Yarchei Kallah 5781!

Keynote Speakers

Mrs. Emma Katz

Hashem and AM Yisrael: Lessons from the Ultimate Relationship

Mrs. Adina Blaustein

Prophecies of Comfort During Times of Chaos: Jeremiah's Final Words

Dr. Dodi Tobin

To Fight or to Unite: Lessons from Korach and his Assembly

Rabbi Reuven Brand

Talking About G-d, Talking With G-d and Talking To G-d

Session Speakers

Mrs. Alise Gold

Birchot Hashachar: Starting Your Day with Intention

Accompanying Graphic
Originally printed in Mishpacha Magazine by Mrs. Shira Smiles



Dr. Esther Shkop

Churban and Galut in Mizmorei Tehillim

Mrs. Aliza Rosenbaum

Pokemon Go and The Chesed Mindset

Mrs. Lynn Kraft

Of Prophets, Gatekeepers, and Composers: A Rebel's Surprising Legacy

Mrs. Olivia Friedman

Broken Trust: The Aftermath of Trauma

Mrs. Eliana (Kahan) Hacohen

Rebuilding Relationships: A Midrashic Look at Interpersonal Interactions



Mrs. Yardena Cope Yossef

Wise Women and Setting Precedents from Bnot Tzlofhad to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Powerpoint Presentation

Mrs. Elisheva (Rosenwasser) White

Believing and Waiting: An Exploration of the Rambam's 12th Principle of Faith

Rabbanit Leah Herzog

The Midbar: Communion, Communication and Exile

Mrs. Michal (Weissberg) Somer

Brothers: Love, Hatred, and Geulah

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Tue, June 28 2022 29 Sivan 5782