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chicago institute of women's learning
midwest center for jewish learning

Words of Torah with Mrs. Emma Katz

Chodesh Kislev: The Best of Both Worlds


Chodesh Tammuz: The Connection to Yosef


Chodesh Nissan: This is Your Month!


Chodesh Adar: Default Simcha


Chodesh Shvat: Our Role in Growth


Chodesh Tevet: Torah Cannot Be Limited


Chodesh Kislev: Lighting Up Our Lives


Marriage and Cheshvan: The Power of Regular 


Eicha- What are we returning to?


From Self-Pity to Self-Growth


The Missing Ingredient


Unable or Unwilling to Ask - Pesach


The True Happiness of Adar


A Shevat Lesson from a Pomegranate


Asara B'Tevet


What Comes First? A Lesson from Rosh Chodesh when it Falls on Shabbat Chanuka


What can We Learn from Noach During the Month of Kislev?




Fri, September 30 2022 5 Tishrei 5783