5781 Rabbi Brand Morning Shiur

October 18th

“Who Is a Jew? Introduction to David Ben Gurion’s Letter”

October 25th

“The Definition of A Jew: Distinct”

November 1st

“A Bond with Hashem: Jewish Distinctiveness”

November 8th

“The Chosen People: Love, Commitment and Our Relationships with Others”

November 15th

“To Be a Jew: To Be Part of the Jewish People”

November 22nd

“Rav Chaim Heller zt”l: Reflections of a Friend/Gadol”

December 13th

“Torah Actualized: Rav Yitzchak Issac Halevi Herzog zt”l”

December 20th

“Shai Agnon: Bridging the Old and the New”

January 3rd

“Ephraim E. Urbach & Academic Jewish Studies”

January 10th

“Appreciating Our Halacha: Responsa and the letter of Dr. Solomon Freehof”

January 31st

“Light and Vessels: Abraham Joshua Heschel’s Life and Letter”

February 7th

“Take Responsibility and Influence Your Environment: The Lubavitcher Rebbe”

February 14th

“Devotion to Mesorah: Rav Yosef Kapach zt”l and the Yemenite tradition”

February 21st

“The Experience of Judaism: Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik’s reflections”

March 7th

“Striving for Personal Greatness: The Alter of Slabodka, Rav Chatzkel Sarna and Rabbi Raphael Pelcovitz”

March 14th

“Bedikat Chametz: Searching Our Homes and Our Hearts”

April 11th

“Judaism and Zionism: Story and Letter of Haim Hazaz”

April 18th

“Synthesis: Torah and Academia with Rabbi Dr. Alexander Altmann”

April 25th

“A Partnership Between Rabbis and Community: Halachic Leadership through the Prism of French Jewish History-Napoleon and Andre Neher”

May 9th

“Knowing We Don’t Know”

May 16th

“Two Aspects of Torah in the Tradition of Brisk”

May 23rd

“Judaism and Christianity”

May 30th

“Who is a Jew: A Review of the Sources by Rabbi Shlomo Goren”

June 6th

“A Traditional Approach by a non-traditional Jew”

June 20th

“Torah Life Lessons from an Italian Father-Son Duo”

June 27th

“On Conversion: Understanding the Personal and Communal Aspects of Our Avodat Hashem”

July 11th

“The Jewish Peoplehood”