5782 Rabbi Brand Morning Shiur

October 3rd

“The Weekly Torah Controversy: Introduction & Perspectives on Our Spiritual Role Models”

October 10th

“The Weekly Torah Controversy: Metzitzah Bpeh”

October 17th

“Assisted Reproductive Technologies”

October 24th

“Rav Kook’s “Hesped” for Herzl”

October 31st

“The Caveman Speech”

November 7th

“The Manhattan Eruv”

November 14th

“The Dignity of Difference”

November 21st

“The Debate Over Secession Frankfurt Am Main”

December 5th

“The Emden – Eybeshutz Controversy”

December 12th

“A New Look at the Brain Death Debate”

December 19th

“Moshe Rabbeinu and the Question of Our Perfection”

January 2nd

“Rav Menachem Ziemba zt”l Hy’d’s role in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising”

January 9th

“Sarah Schenirer, the Chafetz Chaim and Talmud Torah for women”

January 30th

“The Keruvim”

February 6th

“Tzitz & Choshen: The Evolution of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik zt”l”

February 13th

“The International Date Line”

February 20th

“Halachik Subterfuge? The Heter Mechira Debate”

February 27th

“The Mechitzah”

March 6th

“Ascending Har Habayit Today”

March 13th

“The Purim Shpiel”

March 20th

“Is Veal Kosher?”

March 27th

“Hand Matzah or Machine Matzah?”