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chicago institute of women's learning
midwest center for jewish learning

Welcome to Torah in a Box!

We are excited to present to our community a daily educational Torah experience to be shared by individuals and families during this time... and beyond! 

Each weekday leading up to Pesach we will post content, directions and information on how you can create a fun Torah program within your home. Programs will vary in style and be appropriate for different age groups. We hope you'll take these "boxes" and adapt them to your personal situation to enjoy a fun Torah experience and stay connected with Hashem.

We'd love to see your Torah in action!

Take pictures and share them with us via email at

Or on Facebook! Tag us @yutorahmitzionkollelofchicago

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April 7 : 14 Nissan -  Pre-Pesach Dance Party and Activity

April 3 : 8 Nissan -  Freedom and Slavery Conversation

April 1 : 7 Nissan -  Rabbis of the Land of Israel

March 31 : 6 Nissan -  Check Your Maror for Bugs

March 27 : 2 Nissan -  Game of Life

Game of Life Rules 

Game of Life Cards

Don't forget to print before Shabbat!

March 26 : 1 Nissan- Matzah Baking

March 25 : 29 Adar- Exploring the Cities of Israel

March 24 : 28 Adar - Finish the Torah Phrase

March 20 : 24 Adar - Shabbat Conversations and Pesach Headbandz

March 18 : 22 Adar - Build Your Own Jewish Community

March 17 : 21 Adar - Building Your Own Eruv

Wed, August 17 2022 20 Av 5782