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chicago institute of women's learning
midwest center for jewish learning

5782 The King of Complexity: Introducing David Hamelech Shiur

October 13th

"Introducing King David Part 1: Is a Jewish King a Triumph Or Tragedy?"

October 27th

"The King Who Was Too Good: Shaul's Rise and Fall"

November 24th

"True Brotherhood: David and Yehonatan"

December 15th

"3 Power Politics: Do the Ends Justify the Means?"

December 29th

"Love and Awe: David's Search for Balance"

October 20th

"Introducing King David Part 2: David's Grand Strategy"

November 3rd

"Between Yaakov and Esav: The Dilemma of David"

December 8th

"Beginnings: David's Idealism vs. the Real World"

December 22nd

"Fixing Failures: David's First Steps As King"

January 5th

"David and Michal: Love That Is Dependent..."

Sun, January 23 2022 21 Shevat 5782