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5782 Sefer Shmuel - Crisis & Faith Shiur

October 6th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 25a - David vs. Naval: From Yaakov to Esav"

October 27th

"Shmuel 1 Perakim 27-28 - Rock Bottom: Shaul and the Baalat Ov"

November 17th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 1 - 'Yehonatan My Brother'"

December 8th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 3-4: Assassination"

December 29th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 6 - Dancing Before the King"

January 26th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 9: 'The Kindness of God'"

February 16th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 11b: Sin Begets Sin"

March 9th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 12b - Repair and Redemption"

April 6th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 13b - Avshalom's Revenge"

May 11th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 15b: The Banished King and the Banished Kohen Gadol"

June 1st

"Shmuel 2 Perek 18a:  Unity in Surprising Places"

July 13th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 21 - David and the Givonim: Who Is a Jew?"

October 13th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 25 (P2): Avigayil the Prophetess"

November 3rd

"Shmuel 1 Perakim 29-30 - "The Enemies of Hashem": David vs. Amalek"

November 24th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 2 - 'Shall the Sword Devour Forever?'"

December 15th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 4: Assassination"

January 5th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 7: Shall You Build Me A House?"

February 2nd

"Shmuel 2 Perek 10 - Brothers In Arms"

February 23rd

"Shmuel 2 Perek 11c: Did David Throw the Battle?"

March 23rd

"Tehillim 51: David and תשובה מאהבה"

April 27th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 14: Yoav and Avshalom: So Similar, So Different"

May 18th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 16: Pride before Destruction"

June 8th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 18b: Avshalom's End"

July 20th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 22-23 - Looking Back: David's Songs"

October 20th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 26 - Shaul's Spear and David's Separation"

November 10th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 31 - The Fall of Hashem's Annointed"

December 1st

"Shmuel 2 Perek 3 - The Dream Unfulfilled: Avner's Plan"

December 22nd

"Shmuel 2 Perek 5 - The Conquest of Yerushalayim"

January 12th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 8 - An Uncelebrated Empire"

February 9th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 11: David's First Sin"

March 2nd

"Shmuel 2 Perek 12a: 'You Did This Thing Secretly...'"

March 30th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 13 - A Vile Deed"

May 4th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 15a - Avshalom's Rebellion and David's Reaction"

May 25th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 17: Chushain vs. Achitofel: Manipulating the Manipulator"

June 29th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 20b - History Repeated: Sheva ben Bichri and Pilegesh bi-Givah"

July 27th

"Shmuel 2 Perek 24 - The Second Sanctification of Har HaMoriyah"

5781 Sefer Shmuel - Crisis & Faith Shiur

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October 21st

"Intro to Shmuel 1 - Pesel Micha: Abandoning Brit Moshe"

October 28th

"Intro to Shmuel 2 - Pilegesh Bi-Givah: Abandoning Brit Avot"

November 4th

"Intro to Shmuel 3 - The Sons of Eli: Abandoning Brit Kehuna"

November 11th

"The Sins of Eli's Sons Pt. 2 and Introducing Chanah"

November 18th

"Shmuel 1 Perek Aleph: Chanah & Eli"

November 25th

"Shmuel 1 Perek Bet - Tefillat Chanah: Return to the Imahot"

December 2nd

"Shmuel 1 Perek Gimmel - Introducing Shmuel: Before the Lights Go Out..."

December 9th

"Shmuel 1 Perek Daled: 'The Aron Will Save Us...' "

December 16th

"Shmuel 1 Perek Daled P2: The Fall of Eli and the Rise of Binyamin"

December 23rd

"Shmuel 1 Perakim 5-6: Let My... Aron Go"

December 30th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 7: Shmuel's Leadership and Chanah's Legacy"

January 13th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 8 (P2): Who Needs a King?"

January 20th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 9 (P1) Introducing Shaul: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful"

January 27th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 9-10: Shmuel and Shaul"

February 3rd

"Shmuel 1 Perek 10-11: Shaul's 'Coronation' and Nachash's Attack"

February 10th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 11: 'Hashem has Brought Victory to Israel': Shaul's Finest Hour"

February 17th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 12: Shmuel's Closing Argument: Listening to the קולות"

February 24th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 13: The Flaws of a Flawless Leader"

March 3rd

"Shmuel 1 Perek 13 (P2): Revealing Shaul's Flaws, Yehonatan's Brilliance, and the Pelishti Weaknesses"

March 10th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 14 - Battle of Michmas (P1): He Who Dares, Wins"

March 17th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 14 - Battle of Michmas (P2): A Taste of Tyranny"

April 7th

"Shmuel 1 Introducing Amalek: The Worst of All Nations?"

April 14th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 15A - Shaul and Amalek: Listening to Whose Voice?"

April 21st

"Shmuel 1 Perek 15 (P2) - 'Small In Your Own Eyes...': Shaul's Failure and the Road to Avoda Zara"

May 5th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 16 - Seeing vs. Believing"

May 12th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 17a - 'The Man' vs. 'The Philistine': The Battle That Wasn't"

May 19th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 17b - Not With Sword or Spear... Why David Relied On a Miracle"

May 26th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 18: The Danger of Power; The Power of Friendship"

June 2nd

"Shmuel 1 Perek 19 - Michal's Road Not Taken and Shaul's Road Once Taken"

June 9th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 20 - Hashem Is With David... Is Yehonatan?"

June 16th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 21 - The Trembling Priest and the Mad King"

June 23rd

"Shmuel 1 Perek 22 - The Destruction of David's Family, the Destruction of Nov, and the Destruction of Monarchy"

June 30th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 23 - The Wrong Battle and the Wrong Blessing"

July 7th

"Shmuel 1 Perek 24 - 'Hashem Will Judge...'"

Wed, August 17 2022 20 Av 5782