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chicago institute of women's learning
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Rabbi Brand's current shiurim and chaburot. 

03/29/2020 Freedom: Rav Kook and Our Role as Children of Hashem

A community shiur discussing the theme of freedom and Pesach in light of Rav Kook’s definition of freedom explains the Seder and Mitzvot of the firstborn.


03/24/2020 Rosh Chodesh- A Woman’s Lunar Holiday

A community shiur for women exploring the relationship between Rosh Chodesh and women.​​​​​​​


03/23/2020 Building Spirituality in Challenging Times: Models from the Holocaust

A survey of three Rabbinic leaders before, during and after the Holocaust who strengthened Torah life during challenging times.


03/22/2020 More Relevant Than Ever: Vayikra and the Inner Experience of Avodah

A community presentation exploring the meaning and relevance of Korbanot in contemporary Avodat Hashem.​​​​​​​


03/22/2020 A Place of Refuge

A community shiur reflecting on the current crisis (Coronavirus) and it’s spiritual opportunities in light of Kedesh- the city of refuge.


03/18/2020 What We Can Do During A Time of Crisis

A presentation for Yeshiva students reflecting on three areas of Avodat Hashem that we can develop during a time of crisis.​​​​​​​


 03/11/2020 Tzniut/Modesty and the Holocaust

A presentation for the docents of the Illinois Holocaust Museum discussing Tzniut, its definition, its understanding in the Holocaust context and contemporary application.


 03/02/2020 Torah and Our Inner Self

The weekly Alei Shur shiur focuses on the topic of Torah and its connection to our inner self.


Tue, March 31 2020 6 Nisan 5780