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chicago institute of women's learning
midwest center for jewish learning

Personal Growth חיזוק

Presentations focused on personal growth in Avodat Hashem including the weekly PowerTorah series studying Rav Shlomo Wolbe’s Alei shur.

05/04/2020 Korbanot in Davening

A weekly community presentation of Alei Shur discussing Tefillah and the section of Korbanot.​​​​​​​


04/27/2020 Birchot Hashachar: Points of Reflection

A weekly Alei Shur presentation focusing on the Birchot Hashachar in Tefillah.​​​​​​​



04/20/2020  Chizuk for Spring

A brief community presentation of Chizuk post Pesach 2020

03/30/2020 Time (Be)for Tefillah

A weekly discussion of Alei Shur, with a focus on Tefillah and Kavanah.


03/02/2020 Torah and Our Inner Self

The weekly Alei Shur shiur focuses on the topic of Torah and its connection to our inner self.​​​​​​​


02/24/2020 The Telos of the Mussar movement: Yashrut

A weekly community shiur exploring Alei Shur with a focus on the quality of Yashrut- straightness- as a goal of personal improvement.​​​​​​​


02/17/2020 The Challenge of Technology and Our Choice to Be Our Best Self

This week’s Alei Shur learning focuses on the challenge of technology and the opportunity to choose the kind of life we want to live.


02/10/2020 The Heart: Models for Our Judaism

A weekly community shiur exploring Alei Shur with a focus on the heart as a model for Torah learning and growth in Judaism.


02/03/2020 Gadlus/Greatness and Me

The weekly women’s Alei Shur discussion focusing our our aspirations for perfection and greatness within our reality.


01/27/2020 Time: A Dimension in Personal Growth

A weekly community shiur exploring Alei Shur with a focus on our relationship with time and how our personal growth in linked to the time in which we live.


01/13/2020 Knowing My Place

The weekly Alei Shur community learning focuses on three levels of a person’s place- Makom.


01/06/2020 Self-actualization: Mimicking Hashem’s Creativity

The weekly Alei Shur community learning with a focus on the creative role of action and self actualization in our spiritual lives.


12/23/2019 Actions: The Mysterious but Proven Way to Spiritual Self-Fulfillment 

A community shiur for women discussing Rav Shlomo Wolbe’s Alei Shur. 


12/16/2019 Inner clarity and our Avodat Hashem 

The weekly Alei Shur learning group discusses our internal moral compass and the struggle to return to our pre- Eitz Hadaat clarity.


12/09/2019 Navigating our Yetzer Tov and Yetzer Hara: Pursuing Greatness 

A weekly exploration of Rav Shlomo Wolbe's Alei Shur volume two, focusing on the balance of our inclinations within and our pursuit of greater ideals in life​​​​​​.


11/11/2019 Our “Seichel”: Awareness and Evaluation 

Discussion of the Alei Shur’s description of the two aspects  of Seichel (Intellect): Awareness and Analysis and how it affects our daily Avodat Hashem.


11/04/2019 Being a Person and Having a Place 

​​​​​​​A discussion of the Alei Shur’s notion of the human personality and the role of a “makom” (place) in defining a person.


10/28/2019 Being Human: Perspective and Imagination 

A discussion of the role of imagination in defining the human spirituality in the context of the Alei Shur.


10/07/2019 Our Spiritual Endrocrinology 

​​​​​​​A discussion of the Alei Shur’s understanding of the dynamic human personality and our various moods and development.


09/16/2019 The Person in the Center 

A discussion of the Alei Shur’s understanding of the centrality of man in the world and our entire existence.


Sat, January 16 2021 3 Shevat 5781