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Cities in Israel ארץ ישראל

5780 Sunday Morning series featuring various cities in Israel.

09/08/2019 Makom/Place: An Introduction to the Cities in Israel


06/28/2020 Acco

A community shiur discussing the city of Acco.


12/15/2019 Beer Sheva

A community shiur discussing the concept of oaths and the number seven underlying the power of Beer Sheva.


06/07/2020 Beit El

A community presentation exploring Beit El and it’s current and historical messages.


05/31/2020 Beit Lechem

A community presentation on the Cities of Israel focusing on the city of Beit Lechem and its role as a center of Torah.


11/10/2019 Beit Shean

 This community shiur explores the Halachic status of Beit Shean regarding Mitzvot Hateluyot Baaretz, the struggle with the Plishtim and the responsibility of investing to create Kedusha in the land and in our lives.​​​​


10/27/2019 Bnei Brak

 A community shiur on the city of Bnei Brak, Rabbi Akiva and the sweetness and positivity of Torah learning.


09/15/2019 Chevron

 A community shiur on the city of Chevron and its spiritual significance: our connection to the Avot.


02/02/2020 Eilat

 A community shiur exploring the Halachic southern boundary of Eretz Yisrael and the status of Eilat regarding Birkat Kohanim, Yom Tov Sheni and Terumot UMa'asrot. 


03/22/2020 Kadesh- A Place of Refuge

A community shiur reflecting on the current crisis (Coronavirus) and it’s spiritual opportunities in light of Kedesh- the city of refuge.


12/22/2019 Modiin

A community shiur exploring the city of Modiin and the origins of Chanuka.


06/21/2020 Nachshon: Holy Chutzpah

This community presentation exploring cities in Israel focuses on Kibbutz Nachshon and the holy dimension of brazenness.


10/06/2019 Rechovot

A community shiur exploring the Kedusha that expands beyond a narrowly defined realm of Torah and why the Weizmann Institute is located in Rechovot. 


06/20/2020 Sde Boker

A community presentation discussing places in Israel with a focus on Ben Gurion’s home in the Negev.


02/23/2020 Shechem

A community shiur exploring the complex nature of the city of Shechem and its connection to Yosef.


11/17/2019 Shiloh

A community shiur about the city of Shiloh, its relationship with Yerushalayim and two types of holiness in our lives.


09/22/2019 Teveria

A community shiur exploring the dual nature and roots of Teveria and its water sources.


01/05/2020 Tzefat

A community shiur discussing Tzefat, the Ari Hakadosh and the hidden world of Torah.


03/01/2020 Yafo

A community shiur discussing the city of Yafo and the spiritual meaning of the distinction between land and sea.

12/08/2019 Yavneh

A community shiur about Yavneh and its role in the transition of Torah learning and leadership at the time of the destruction of the second Beit Hamikdash.


11/03/2019 Yericho 

A community shiur on the city of Yericho, understanding the significance of its walls, its conquest and its connection to Yerushalayim.


04/26/2020 Yerushalayim: Eternity

The first in a series about Yerushalayim, this shiur focuses on Yerushalayim as the permanent future and hope of the Jewish people.​​​​​



5/03/2020 Zion and Yerushalayim

A community shiur discussing the difference between the names of Zion and Yerushalayim and what they represent in the modern process of redemption.

05/17/2020 Yerushalayim: The Ultimate Awe of Hashem

A community shiur discussing the spiritual aspects of Yerushalayim: Ahavah and Yirah.


05/24/2020 Yerushalayim: Circulatory Automaticity and Loving All Jews

A community shiur discussing Yerushalayim and its role in bringing all Jews together.


02/16/2020 Zichron Yaakov

A community shiur exploring the history of Zichron Yaakov, Zionist pioneers and the meaning of wine in Judaism.


Wed, March 3 2021 19 Adar 5781