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chicago institute of women's learning
midwest center for jewish learning

Holidays מועדים

Audio lectures, published articles and brief videos dedicated to exploring the themes of each Yom Tov including aspects of Jewish law and life.

04/06/2020 Pre-Pesach Chizuk: Leaving Egypt Today

A  brief chizuk message in advance of Pesach 5780.


04/05/2020 Mining the Core: Hagadah Highlights 5780

A pre-Pesach community shiur devoted to divrei torah on the צא ולמד section of the Hagadah.



04/02/2020 Seder Preparation for Dads

A presentation via zoom for fathers in preparation for the Seder.

04/02/2020 Haggadah For Teens

A presentation on zoom for teens in preparation for the Seder.

04/01/2020 Haggadah For Moms

A pre-Pesach presentation for women about the role of Jewish mothers at the Pesach Seder.


03/31/2020 Haggadah Highlights

NILI Virtual Shiur given to the women of the community for Pesach.



03/29/2020 Freedom: Rav Kook and Our Role as Children of Hashem

A community shiur discussing the theme of freedom and Pesach in light of Rav Kook’s definition of freedom explains the Seder and Mitzvot of the firstborn.


03/24/2020 Rosh Chodesh- A Woman’s Lunar holiday

A community shiur for women exploring the relationship between Rosh Chodesh and women.


02/28/2020 Adar: A Month of Ratzon

A community shiur exploring the meaning and joy of the month of Adar and its connection with Shekalim.​​​​​​​


10/06/2019 Teshuva, My Identity and the Light of Shabbos

NILI annual Teshuva Drasha for women.


10/06/2019 Teshuva and Bracha

NILI's GNOL annual teshuva drasha for high school girls.


Sat, January 16 2021 3 Shevat 5781