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chicago institute of women's learning
midwest center for jewish learning

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March 21st

"NILI Hilchos Pesach (1) - Bedikas and Biur Chametz"

April 11th

"Nili Pre Pesach 2: Maximizing your Seder"

March 22th

"Being a Chacham and Not a Wise Guy"

March 29th

"Alone in a Full Room: The Rasha"

April 12th

"Innocence vs. Ignorance: Tam and the Sheino Yodea Lishol"

Monday, March 21st

"ושחטו אותו כל קהל עדת ישראל: Introducing the Korban Pesach"

Tuesday, March 22nd

"Korban Pesach: Individual and Communal Covenant"

Wednesday, March 23rd

" הערות בענין הלל בערב פסח וליל הסדר"

Thursday, March 24th

"לשם ערלים: Korban Pesach and Brit Milah"

Monday, March 28th

"Four Cups, Four Blessings?"

Tuesday, March 29th

"בענין טועה בדבר מצוה"

Thursday, March 31st

"Halacha Chabura: Laws of the Seder Night"

Tue, June 28 2022 29 Sivan 5782