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chicago institute of women's learning
midwest center for jewish learning

Hilchot Shabbat


May 16th

"Rabbeinu Tam and the Gra: Understanding the 18 Minutes"

January 3rd

"Nili Hilchos Shabbos 8 Kiddish: Where? When? Who? How?"

January 17th

"Nili Hilchos Shabbos (10): Wine and Grape Juice or Bourbon and Scotch? What Should I Make Kiddush On?"

January 31st

"NILI Hilchos Shabbos 12 - Seudas Shabbos - What's on the Menu"

February 14th

"NILI Hilchos Shabbos 14: Shaleshudis"

January 10th

"Nili Hilchos Shabbos 9: If I heard kiddish in shul do I need to say it at home? Kiddish B’Makom Seuda"

January 24th

"Nili Hilchos Shabbos 11: Lechem Mishna - Pull Apart, Frozen, and When Your Child Takes a Bite out of the Challah"

February 7th

"NILI Hilchos Shabbos 13: Zemiros Shabbos"

October 25th

"Hilchos Shabbos Intro Shiur: Shabbos as Sanctuary in Time"

November 8th

"Hilchos Shabbos 3 Erev Shabbos Craziness"

November 22nd

"How many shabbos candles and the knas for missing"

November 1st

"Hilchos Shabbos 2 Kavod and Oneg Shabbos"

November 15th

"Hilchos Shabbos 4 Reasons for Shabbos Candles"

December 6th

"Hilchos Shabbos 6 Using Lightbulbs for Shabbos Candles"

Wed, August 17 2022 20 Av 5782