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Gemara תלמוד

Chaburot delivered in the Kollel Beit Midrash for the Kollel fellows on the Massechet that the Kollel is learning.  The current Masechta is Yoma; last year was Temurah.

01/29/2020 Aninut in the Mikdash: Yoma Chabura 13b-14a 

Chabura for Kollel fellows on the sugia of Avodah of the Kohen and Kohen Gadol during Aninut.​​​​​​​


01/01/2020 Halacha and Aggada together: Learning All of Shas 

A community shiur celebrating the Siyum Hashas of Daf Yomi focusing on the unity of Halacha and Aggada in learning and Avodat Hashem.


12/17/2019 טבילה בזמנה מצוה 

Kollel Chabura focused on Massechet Yoma regarding Tevila in a Mikva.


11/20/2019 טומאה הותרא או דחויה בקרבנות 

An introductory Chabura to the sugia of Korbanot Btumah in the first perek of Yoma.​​​​​​​


10/29/2019 What day is Shavuot? 

Kollel Chabura focused on the sugia in the first Perek of Massechet Yoma regarding the  date of Matan Torah and Shavuot.


9/27/2019 Introduction to Yoma Chabura

An introductory Chabura on Massechet Yoma to the YU Torah Mitzion Kollel Fellows for the  5780 year.


Wed, March 3 2021 19 Adar 5781