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chicago institute of women's learning
midwest center for jewish learning

Center of Learning

The YU Torah Mitzion Kollel’s foundation is one that is deeply rooted in the constant growth of our fellows through the intensive study of Torah.   With eight full-time young scholars, the Kollel Beit Midrash is a source of pride for the Chicago Jewish community.

The Kollel fellows’ learning schedules include:
Morning Seder: Mesechet Temura
Afternoon Seder: Hilchot Mikvaot
Daily Torat Eretz Yisroel Seder
Quarterly written exams in Gemara and Halacha

The Kollel’s commitment to excellence in learning is demonstrated in challenging weekly chaburot delivered by the Rosh Kollel, Rosh Chabura, local Rabbinic leaders, and Roshei Yeshiva from RIETS via videoconference. To foster further growth, Kollel fellows also deliver chaburot within the Kollel during the year. The Beit Midrash program is also accredited by RIETS as Kollel residency toward rabbinic ordination for the RIETS Kollel fellows.  These rigorous and exceptional standards demonstrate the Kollel’s commitment to a culture of Torah excellence.

Mon, July 22 2019 19 Tammuz 5779